Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions

Copied by Lynn Tooley

Beebe Cemetery Records
Town of Norwich
New London County, Connecticut

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Beebe Cemetery was copied from the Charles R. Hale Collection as found in the Connecticut State Library.

Beebe, Albert S., born 1835, died 1905.

Beebe, Annie, daughter of Silas F. and Mary C., died May 15, 1869, age 4 yrs. 8 mos. (Footstone, Ruth Ann.)

Beebe, Charles E., son of James and Prudence, died July 24, 1847, age 11 mos. 7 days.

Beebe, Daniel E., died Jan. 28, 1888, age 46 yrs. G. A. R. Marker.

Beebe, Elizabeth, wife of Joab, died Nov. 9, 1858, age 86 yrs.

Beebe, Freddie A., son of Albert S. and Mary G., died Aug. 3, 1878, age 9 mos. 12 days.

Beebe, Joab F., died Mar. 31, 1876, age 80 yrs.

Beebe, Joab, died Aug. 6, 1832, age 66 yrs.

Beebe, Mary Caroline Holden, born 1826, died 1898.

Beebe, Mary H. Gardner, wife of Albert S., born 1838, died 1927.

Beebe, Mary R., daughter of James and Prudence, died Oct. 16, 1844, age 1 yr. 3 mos. 15 days.

Beebe, Sally Morey, wife of Joab F., died June 2, 1880, age 83 yrs.

Beebe, Silas Fitch, born 1826, died 1898, Co. D. 24th Regt. Conn. Vols. G. A. R. Marker.

Carew, Amelia G. Beebe, wife of Henry W., born 1824, died 1907.

Carew, Henry W., born 1820, died 1901.

Gardner, Alvah F., born 1851. Civil War Marker.

Gardner, Fannie A. Ross, wife of Alvah F., born 1854, died 1931.

Hyde, Ann Maria, wife of John P., died Feb. 19, 1867, age 26 yrs.

Leffingwell, Betsey, born Jan. 9, 1798, died Sept. 24, 1878.

Leffingwell, Elisha, born Feb. 5, 1796, died Dec. 30, 1866.

Robbins, Albert J., born 1818, died 1855.

Robbins, Charles J., born 1843, died 1850.

Robbins, Henry F., born 1845, died 1848.

Robbins, Ruth Beebe, wife of Albert J., born 1820, died 1905.

Rogers, Lydia M., daughter of William P. and Lucy C., died Jan. 7, 1845, age 14 mos.

Ross, Evie C. Beebe, wife of Chauncey A., died Mar. 17, 1872, age 20 yrs. 7 mos.

Starr, Alpheus B., born 1848, died 1915.

Starr, Mary A. Carew, wife of Alpheus B., born 1860, died 1919.

Stoddard, Mary E., wife of Ichabod H. and daughter of Silas F. and Mary C. Beebe, died Nov. 13, 1873, age 26 yrs.

Willard, Charles B., born 1862.

Willard, Della Beebe, wife of Charles B., born 1861, died 1921.

* P. L. B. (Footstone).

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Home | New London County Cemetery Records | Beebe Cemetery Records - Norwich, CT

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